I gave a sermon in church a little bit ago, and while I was studying for it I had my eyes opened to a message about how some people knowing what is good, and some people do what is good, but neither one of these alone is quite the same as being what is good.

And I know that what God intends for all of us is to be the good. He doesn’t want us to be limited to just knowing theory or only doing good things out of duty. He wants our very hearts to change, for us to become His children. That’s what His gospel is really geared towards.

I felt like I only scratched the surface of this topic when I was preparing for that sermon, and now I want to really dig in deeper. I’ll start tomorrow with the passage that first opened my mind up to this idea, though, that of the rich young ruler asking Jesus what he needed to inherit eternal life.

In the meanwhile, I’d love to hear whether you’ve noticed this same distinction in your study of the gospel. Any insights as to how one actually makes the transition from a knower or a doer to a becomer? What’s been your own experience in that process?

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