There is an iconic scene in the gospels, that of the disciples floundering for control of their boat in the Sea of Galilee. A storm has arisen, and is of such intensity that they all expect to be drowned. They call out to Jesus, who is still sleeping, and he arises to calm the sea with three simple words.

For those whose lives are falling apart, this story resonates as a desperate plea. For those whose lives have already been saved, this story resonates as an affirmation of peace. And for those that have passed through some storms but are still in the thick of others, this story is both plea and affirmation!

Each of us have our storms in life. Many of us spend a long while trying to manage them on our own, delaying nearly to the point of destruction. Then, in that moment of despair, we cry out for help, desperately hoping that there is someone to answer.

With this study I would like to examine a few of the different storms that rage around us. I will consider the tragedies of life, the ridicules of the world, and the moments of intense doubt. We will examine how we do our own part to bring peace to these moments, and how we depend on God to make up the rest.

In the meantime I would be curious to hear about your own experiences of peace within a storm. How have you been able to remain tranquil when all the world was in foment? Were there any moments that eventually made you buckle? How did God come to your rescue?

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