15 Now when Pharaoh heard this thing, he sought to slay Moses. But Moses fled from the face of Pharaoh, and dwelt in the land of Midian: and he sat down by a well.

Yesterday we read how Moses’s slaying of the Egyptian guard was spreading as a rumor throughout the land, and how he became afraid of what would follow. It turns out that his concerns were valid, for soon the Pharaoh heard what happened and sought to slay Moses.

From his interview with the two Israelite men, it did not appear that Moses’s involvement had been received well by the slaves, and obviously he had made himself an enemy of the Egyptians. Without any friend or sanctuary, he had no choice but to run for his life, leaving the land of his childhood. He travelled quite a distance, too, due southeast, past the Sinai Peninsula and over the Gulf of Aqaba, into the land of Midian.

This change of scene represents the beginning of a new chapter in Moses’s life. He had condescended from his princely station to try and help the Israelites, but he had failed miserably, and his flight into Midian seems to have closed the door on that crusade, for we are given no indication that Moses ever intended to go back and try again. And so, Moses finds himself alive, but no longer with any purpose, while Israel finds itself once again lacking a champion who will fight for it.

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